The show

The first episode from our spell book, Puss in Boots, version 2013, is a first opus, colorful and full of surprises, intended for a young audience, adapted from the famous tale of Charles Perrault. Realized as musical theater - all songs live - and in a participatory manner, it tells the well known story of the talking cat and his master miller. Through a giant embossed book and its eleven paintings, thirteen characters, played by four actors, guide you through a magic world, from the mill to the castle, from the river to the rose garden.

Photo du spectacle 1

The idea

This modern show, technically complete and independent, can take place in nearly every space. Everything is included into our magic box: sound, light, video, costumes, stage management, etc.. Designed for an audience of up to 500 people, it can be played everywhere and in all circumstances. Four actors, a technician, a driver and a production manager: our team arrives with a truck and a minibus at 8am, the show is played and 2pm, 4pm and 6pm, then the place is cleared at 9pm!

Photo du spectacle 2

Play direction

The writing of the show is inspired by the tale’s classic language through a modernized vision. Two levels of interpretation: the first naive and funny for younger and a second more eccentric for adults (with references to movies and rock & roll) allowing everyone to enjoy an amazing moment. The universe of DreamWorks influences the play direction: it gathers drama arts and clown acting to create sincere emotions. Alternating scenes with digital background animation or intimate pictures evoking hand paintings of old storybooks, all guarantees an unforgettable experience! The intention is clear: to captivate the audience from the beginning to the end!

Photo du spectacle 3